The Cloongee Fishery


With a five year average that is well in excess of 800 fish per season, the Cloongee Fishery is one of the most prolific beats on the famous River Moy. It is also one of the largest and most varied and definitely enjoys the best of the views and scenery of this picturesque area. This is salmon fishing as it should be.

The Fishery lies one mile upstream from Foxford and extends over 3 miles of the River Moy. Most of the Lake River, that links the Moy to Lough Cullin and Conn, is also part of the Fishery (see map). In total, there is over 5 miles of river bank to choose from, including the double and single bank stretches.

The Cloongee Fishery is privately owned and is unique in that it offers sport both on the Lake River and the main Moy channel, with a good variety of alternative water flows. The Fishery has good fast fly water on both the Upper and the Lower beats, and provides opportunities to spin and worm, although these waters are predominantly on the Lower Beat.

The fishery benefited from a Tourist Amenity grant in 1999 to develop some of the upper pools on the fast waters, which are now more accessible and fish throughout the season.

The fishery is well signed off the Foxford/Straide main road (N58), approximately 1.5 miles South of Foxford. Tickets may be purchased on a daily or weekly basis through the Ruane family ((00 353) (0) 94 56960). The car parks with toilet facilities offer good access to the river and are well sign posted. Dogs are not permitted on the Fishery.

Tight lines.

The Waters

Cloongee is well known as a fishery that begins to fish well very early in the season, long before the fisheries of the Lower Moy.

Throughout the season, it offers both variety and quality, with fast running waters above the Joinings Pool, and excellent spinning and worming waters on the Lower Beat. In addition, the Fishery also includes the Lake River, that flows out of Lough Cullin at the Bridge Pool and into the Moy at the Joinings Pool, dividing the Moy into its Upper and Lower stretches.

As a result, Cloongee is a Fishery for all anglers and all conditions.

The Fly Water

The fly can be used in a number of pools, such as the Bridge Pool at the head of the Lake River, the Joinings Pool and the various pools in the fast water on the upper stretches of the Fishery, such as the Big Rock, McGowan’s Pool and the three exciting new pools, developed in 1999 on the Upper Beat, namely Lynch’s, Murison’s and Wrigley’s Pool.

The best conditions for fly fishing are found when there is a good flow of water down the main channel of the Moy. Another requirement is that the lakes are not too high, so that the Lake River does not back up into the Upper Moy.

The Spinning and Worming Waters

Some of the best pools for spinning and worming are found below the fast water, such as Cool Raw, Matha’s Rock, Hillondine Pool, the Joinings Pool, Com, Carraigeen and the Small Rocks, that will fish well even when water levels on the Upper stretch are too low. However, when conditions are right, the whole beat offers excellent spinning and worming opportunities.