Rules and Regulations

Scott Young had not caught a salmon... until he came to Coolcronan

Rules and Regulations

1. Anglers are required to purchase a ticket before commencing to fish.

Before commencing to fish, all anglers must be in possesion of a valid State salmon licence from an authorised outlet.

3. The persons in charge of the Cloongee Fishery reserve the right of admission and may request any angler, whose behaviour is deemed to be hazardous or an unnecessary inconvenience to other anglers, to leave the premises without further notice.

Anglers under the effects of alcohol or other intoxications may be requested to leave the premises for their own safety and for the safety of others.

5. Ghillies in the company of paying guests are not allowed to fish unless authorised to do so.

6. The use of prawns, shrimp and other crustaceans as bait is strictly forbidden at all times.

Anglers must stay within the limits of the fishery and must not trespass over private land.

Only the designated access routes and car parking areas are to be used. All anglers must stay on established pathways along the river bank.

9. No dogs are allowed on the fishery.

Anglers are not permitted to wade into the river unless wearing a suitable lifejacket.

11. Please take your litter with you.

The Beats

I. The Fishery has been divided into two beats, the Upper Beat and the Lower Beat (See Maps)

II. The Upper Beat must be fished with the fly only, unless the Fishery Managements deems that conditions are not suitable, on the basis of water levels.

These Rules are subject to change without notice.

Take Note!

Pete had arrived in Ireland 2 hours ago...

Fishing is at own risk

All persons access the premises of the Cloongee Fishery and fish at their own risk.

Cars are parked at the owners risk.

Make Safety a Priority

At the Cloongee Fishery, you will be fishing for wild fish in an entirely natural environment.

Every effort is made to maintain the highest standards of safety. However, many conditions are beyond reasonable control. Also, some conditions may vary without any warning. As a result, fishing can be hazardous, so at all times please make your own safety and the safety of others an overriding priority.

Wading can be Dangerous

Anglers wade into the river at their own risk. In many places, the waters are too deep for wading and the current can be extremely fast. Wading is not allowed unless anglers are wearing a life jacket.

Enjoy your fishing!