Upper Beat of Cloongee Fishery

The Cloongee Fishery is divided into the Upper Beat and the Lower Beat.

The waters of the Upper beat are mostly fast and have recently been developed to enhance their fly fishing potential.

Angling on the Upper Beat is restricted to fly fishing only (NOT bubble float and fly) from the top boundary to the Wooden Bridge upstream from Coolraw (see Map), except when the Fishery management determines that conditions are inappropriate.

Fly Fishing

An 8 pounder caught on the fly at Lynch's Pool

The Fast Water on the Upper Beat which lends itself well to fly fishing was developed in 1999 and now includes five pools: McGowan's, Big Rock, Lynches, Murison's and Wrigley's.

We will be adding more details of each pool soon, so please come back later.

If you would like to read about the development work that was conducted in 1999, please click here, to find details and descriptions of the different pools that were developed. Unfortunately, due to the foot and mouth disaster of 2001, most of the Upper beat remained closed during 2001, so we cannot provide any details of how the improvements are working. Hopefully, this season they will show their full potential.

Bait & Spinning

The spinning and bait waters of the Upper Beat are located at the very top of the Fishery and run from the Boundary Drain through Gilmore's Pool and Madden's Rock.

Jean Pierre Mossimann's future son in law